Raluca Schachter,

Clinical Nutritionist

Introduction in Personalized Nutrition

through Metabolic Typing®

We are all different on a biochemical level,

as we are on our fingerprints.

"One man's food is another one's poison."

- Lucretius

"Our nutritional needs are dictated by

the biochemical and genetic individuality,

not by personal beliefs and philosophies."

- William Wolcott

health programs

> Online consultations, from the comfort of your location!

> No loss of time and energy, stress free, without additional costs as for the walk-in clinic.

> Long term follow up, online communication, anytime you need it.

> Most relevant and revolutionary lab test available on the international market, easy in home sample collecting.




Welcome to the world of true health!

In my vision, the approach to health must be integrative and functional, where you correctly detect and eliminate real and various causes to your health problems and negative symptoms. Suppressing these with “drugs” and other allopathic remedies doesn’t equal healing or health. 

True healing can be challenging, and I really understand that from personal and professional experience. That’s why I will offer you specific, verified, high qualitative and complete information, to help you express your genetic potential to a maximum and obtain long term health. 

Following my health programs you will feel you’re part of a team, where we both fight on the same side to achieve your desired health results. The lab testings I’m using are non invasive, functional, relevant and use advanced technologies. With the help of this information I can teach you how to ensure the reverse of your health problems and how to maintain health – it’s a valuable “know how” which you can further transmit to future generations.

I’m glad you arrived on this unique path which can offer you the transformation you have been waiting for!

Raluca Schachter

What is Metabolic Typing?®

The efficient, long term solution for optimal health.

Metabolic Typing®

is a functional, integrative and extremely personalized approach to health.

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metabolic health
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by Bernard Chu, australia on metabolic health

Raluca is a very knowledgeable person and passionate to help. She is patient, talented and always exceeded my expectation in finding workable solutions to my health concerns. As soon as I followed Raluca’s recommendations, my health and energy level improved immediately. I now understand what foods are compatible to my metabolic type and how to better apply diet and nutrition in solving my health concerns.

by Diana Radoi, Bucharest, Romania on Health Programs - Metabolic Energy
Raluca saved my life!

Raluca literally changed my life. I had and still have a number of health issues which practically demolished me in the past. Bleeding duodenal ulcer, various hormonal dysfunctions, POTS, GERD, miscarriage, blood clots and other related. Last summer I was desperate after the 3rd gastroscopy in 2015 and probably the 15th in the last 4 years…The Metabolic Typing Program, the food reactivity test, the natural supplements and, above all, Raluca’s professionalism and strong knowledge helped me recover a major part of my health.

I still have some issues, however now I can work, eat, sleep and feel hope…I am performing also DNA analysis, OAT and am still under her supervision as my case is a complicated one. But she never gives up. She always has an answer, an advice and a good word. She replaced tens and tens of drugs and doctors and became practically my trusted advisor and my friend. She proved so many times that all she wants is her patients to be healthier and to have access to high quality products, medical advices, blood tests and supplements. She is a source of everything that’s new in medicine, naturopathy, genetics. I always check her advices with my mother in law who is a general MD and she is astonished as most of the information is unavailable to the doctors or is the result of the latest medical studies.

I thank God for sending her in my life and for allowing her to help people. I sincerely hope everyone sees the value in her advice and the very good professional she is.

by Relly N., Bucharest, Romania on Health Programs - Metabolic Energy
Finally, a solution!

I met Raluca a few months ago, after...9 years of doctor visits, who couldn't do much for my child's situation with Lyme disease. Actually, tens of doctors. Tens of doctor visits to local hospitals and abroad. Hundreds of trials, hundreds of drugs...zero results. She was the first to finally understand what was happening with my child, and I couldn't believe it! There was hope! We modified the diet according to my child's metabolic type, we started a comprehensive protocol, and little by little, we obtain results! She taught us to eat healthier, to make the right food choices and rebalance. I finally met a patient, empathic human being, who is involved and wants to help! Thank you so much!

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