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Choline and Why Do You Need Cholesterol Rich Foods?

  It has been decades since the population was inoculated with the idea that foods high in cholesterol should be avoided, in order to prevent heart disease. However, the clinical and historical evidence and the studies on this matter provide solid evidence: there is no good reason to avoid high cholesterol foods. One of the […]

Chronic Viral Activity: a Functional and Integrative Approach to Profound Healing. BONUS: Antiviral Ebook!

    Alternative medicine and especially functional and integrative medicine recognizes the importance of a well functioning gastrointestinal system for good health. This includes, among many other actions, removal of problematic pathogens from the body. Parasites, bacteria and fungi are able to generate a wide range of imbalances and illnesses. But the presence of latent […]

Your Antiviral Kit for the Season: E-book and Consultation!

Between Nov 1 – Dec 31, for a LIMITED-TIME OFFER you can benefit of my new e-book, the “Antiviral Kit” containing top herbal antivirals, nutrients and actions to help you stay healthy during the season’s “Viral Attack” AND a consultation to go with it! On our consultation we will go over the most important aspects for […]

Key Nutrients for Thyroid Health. What’s the Connection?

Holistic and integrative health approaches offer a significant advantage compared to conventional approaches to thyroid problems, because they take into consideration multiple factors which are involved in the health of the gland. Thyroid illnesses are not only about thyroid dysfunctions, causing negative symptoms that need to be suppressed by drugs. These are present because of […]

Recover From Juicing And Improve Your Health!

I believe America is the “land of extremes”. As far as health and nutrition, here you can find the worst, mutilated lab made food one can possibly think of, as you will find a big variety of very nutritious, healthy food that was grown in perfect and sustainable conditions, with lots of care. Going from one […]

Enjoy Baked Goods With Healthy Sprouted Flour. (Delicious Brownies Recipe Included!)

So many people these days have problems with grain consumption. Gluten sensitivities, obesity and celiac disease are on the rise and directly related to grain consumption, especially processed grain. Sensitivities became so severe in some people that they can’t even tolerate soaps containing gluten on their bodies. All kind of high protein, no-grain diets advise against […]