Your Antiviral Kit for the Season: E-book and Consultation!

Between Nov 1 – Dec 31, for a LIMITED-TIME OFFER you can benefit of my new e-book, the “Antiviral Kit” containing top herbal antivirals, nutrients and actions to help you stay healthy during the season’s “Viral Attack” AND a consultation to go with it! On our consultation we will go over the most important aspects for your health and what are the best antiviral, practical and personalized actions you can take this season.   

The price for both is $45 (38 euro).

The consultation will be through Skype or phone. You can make your appointment under this link and choose “General Consultation with Antiviral Kit”.

Have you ever wondered why is that only some people become sick when exposed to a pathogen? Why don’t all the members of a group from work get sick, when a colleague – a sneezing, stuffy, coughing cold virus carrier, exposed them to the illness? Why don’t all the kids in your child’s classroom get sick, when it seems that just a few “give the start” to the flu, all the time? It’s not about luck or the lack of it. It’s about how prepared your immune system is to fight with the pathogens. And this involves a very complex mechanism that takes place in your body daily, even from the day you were born!
These days people don’t have time to have a cold. They can’t afford to feel sick. They need to get back on their feet fast, because that deadline is there and waiting and the load of responsibilities too. Unfortunately, the fast (and often very toxic) relief that people reach for when getting sick, is exactly the one which will pave the way to harder and harder to treat illnesses, later on.

So this is why I want to share with you that there IS another way and you must make time for illness when it happens, like you make time for everything else. That’s because your body is screaming to you: “Stop, it’s enough! Take care of me NOW!” Luckily, you can do it naturally, efficiently, in a non-invasive way! When the cold season is near, make sure you have some staples available in your home, so you can overcome it in a natural way.

Conventional medicine looks at the existence of an invading bacteria or virus as the cause of disease, and uses powerful drugs to suppress symptoms and kill the pathogens, contributing to a more weakened immune system in the long run. In contrast, traditional, integrative and functional medical systems examine conditions of the body’s internal and external environment, that are present during an illness. The focus is on detecting the real, underlying causes of your dysfunctions and recurrent infections. By using powerful medicine that Nature generously provides for us we can benefit from potent herbal extracts and formulations in order to achieve remarkable results in the management of colds, flu, and many other infectious disease.

Of course, the most effective way to stay healthy is to address any imbalance in the body before the advent of the changing seasons. By supporting the immune system, bringing your biochemistry into balance and getting rid of the toxic load, the body will be able to generate a healthy response to all types of environmental stressors. It can maintain a state of harmony and adaptability.

No matter where you are now with the state of your health, the recommendations below will benefit you, so stock up on healthy immune-boosting-“goodies” and make other necessary changes for an infection-free season!