This health program includes:

  • Testing through Healthexcel Metabolic Typing®
  • Implementation of the new nutritional plan
  • Specific recommendations for choosing food, recipes and supplements
  • Health evaluation using specific, complex questionnaires; prioritization and choosing the right solutions to eliminate negative symptoms.
  • Three 45 minute consultations

Is this program suitable for you?

  • YES! If you want to know what is the right nutritional plan for your unique metabolism
  • YES! If you suffer from imbalances and various degenerative diseases: diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, immunity problems, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infections, hormonal imbalances, migraines, arthritis, ADHD, autism, circulatory problems, etc.


  • Controlling sweet cravings
  • Elimination of hunger between meals, satiety
  • Weight control
  • Balancing of mood and glycemic levels
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity

On a long term, this program constitutes an efficient “tool” which can be used in many ways to ensure body healing. You can ensure reversal of negative symptoms and real prevention of common and chronic imbalances, as well as premature ageing.

How does the program develop?

Persons who participate in this program benefit of well designed logistics, as well as of the convenience of online consultations, from the comfort of their home! There is no need for trips to a physical office, which takes from your time, energy and money! Still, you’ll be able to actually see the nutritionist using Skype. Even sample collecting for lab tests is mostly done at home, after which these are directly sent to the lab through fast shipping. The superior quality of these kind of services constitutes some of the aspects Metabolic Typing® users are continuously appreciating!

After you fill out and submit the online Healthexcel Metabolic Typing® questionnaire with my help, you will receive a complete report which will include all aspects of your metabolic individuality, as well as the nutritional plan explained in detail. The report will include:

  • Your Metabolic Typing® results
  • Nutritional plan for your metabolic type
  • Specific recommendations for supplementation (vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.) for your metabolic type
  • Specific recommendations for life style and detoxification
  • Additional resources for procuring and preparing of your menus

Additionally, you will benefit of three online consultations through Skype or over the phone, which will include the analysis of your Diet Check Records, where you will write down your reactions to food. This will be our main communication “tool”, which helps us personalize your nutritional plan in high detail.

A general “follow – up” consultation is recommended in a month after finishing the program, to discuss how you are feeling using your new nutritional plan, your supplementation and make necessary adjustments if needed.

With the help of the unique Healthexcel online testing you can end your confusion and the guessing game about what is really healthy for you. Start your journey now and check out the Metabolic Typing® programs here.